Trump’s ex-wife used to tell friends about his erectile dysfunction – Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes

Trump's ex-wife used to tell friends about his erectile dysfunction
Death and Taxes
From the “Donald Trump is totally going to throw a fit when the coverage of this gets on his radar” file, it looks as if we once again have to talk about his phallus — 23-year-old information about his phallus, no less. Politico's “Trumpology: A
Donald Trump had problems 'maintaining an erection,' 'irrational' hatred of Obama, reportBlasting News

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Lawmaker Wants Regulations for Viagra –

Lawmaker Wants Regulations for Viagra
Columbia, SC (WLTX) – A South Carolina representative is trying to make it more difficult for men to get erectile dysfunction drugs. Representative Mia McLeod said the bill mirrors abortion legislation that she said is ridiculous. “In this state we
SC moves toward limiting use of erectile dysfunction drugsSCNow
South Carolina viagra bill protests abortion 'double standards'RT
Lawmaker's sarcastic response to South Carolina's anti-abortion efforts pass House panelWashington Times
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Berries helps prevent from erectile dysfunction – Savannah Daily Science – Daily Star Gazette

Daily Star Gazette

Berries helps prevent from erectile dysfunction – Savannah Daily Science
Daily Star Gazette
A diet rich in berries, fruits, vegetables, tea and wine may help reduce the risk for erectile dysfunction, a new study found. The flavonoids, the antioxidants in these foods, produce anti-inflammatory effects that reduce the risk for heart disease and

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