Trending News: A ‘Mental Viagra’ Treatment May Be Even Better Than Its Namesake – AskMen


Trending News: A 'Mental Viagra' Treatment May Be Even Better Than Its Namesake
In fact a recent study at New York-Presbyterian Hospital estimated that 30 million American men have erectile dysfunction with 65% of them unable to have an orgasm. That's a pretty large number of guys suffering largely in silence with a condition that

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How to be more erotic in Knightsbridge Escorts

An imagination of failure in the bedroom must be terrifying for men in equal measures as women. You may not have wished it on yourself but that’s how cruel things can turn out to be. However, it is true to say that, many men and their Knightsbridge escorts of might not be aware of ins and outs when it comes to being more erotic in the bedroom, though I expect them to be aware of the presence of the many ins and outs. There are a lot of things that men need to know about women and women need to know about men. Here are some lessons on how to be more erotic in the bedroom.

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Understand your partners’ brain

For starters, understanding your partners’ brain is key to success in the bedroom. Yes, key to success! A human brain plays a major role when it comes to sexual arousal but it works differently depending on the sex. Meaning, men and women tend to experience sexual arousal and desire differently. One of the notable differences is that when it comes to men arousal and desire are sort of interchangeable. Simply put- if a man sees or perceives Knightsbridge escorts to be sexy it generally generates into sexual desires. On the other hand, ladies tend to take longer before they reach the climax of a sexy encounter. A woman needs to be seduced, which in itself is psychological and connected to a relaxed state of mind.

Foreplay is a continuous process

Many individuals tend to think that foreplay is only meant for the bedroom. However, that’s not the case. Foreplay should not exist in the bedroom alone, but men need to expand it outside of the bedroom in the hours and days potentially resulting to sexual intimacy for both the man and his escorts.

Make your partner feel wanted

For men and escorts, sex and self-esteem are intimately related. In this case, they are the core elements, which drive good sex. If a woman will feel unattractive, it is likely that she is not going to feel ready for sex. However, men don’t need to feel attractive so as to have sex like his Knightsbridge escorts do, however, and very often men will want to feel wanted which in itself manifests positively in the bedroom. This is where both partners need to provide some support to their partners. If you have a low desire partner, it is important to make her an erotic focal point. This means that it is up to every partner to bring the other partner back to an erotic connection.

Try something new

Though couples tend to get into patterns when it comes to sex, it is surely one way of not being erotic in the bedroom. In the actual sense, many men tend to have a feeling of trying something new but are always afraid to share with their escorts, which should not be the case. To break free out of this bedroom boredom, it is wise to try something new more so adventurous. Such new things may include taking sex classes together or sharing your fantasies and fulfilling each other’s needs and dreams.






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Novel penile implant offers hope for men with erectile dysfunction
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